5 Questions to Gauge Your HP Printer Service

Printers practically make things move in the office. Picture this – you have an important meeting with the boss and you need to print out reports, only to be surprised with the frustrating “printer error” message. You try to open the trays, bang it a few times and restart it, but the message won’t go away. Well, you might not have a very pleasant encounter with your boss when you appear without the reports. The way you take your car for service is the same way you should take your printer for repair. That is why it is important to select a quality hp printer service that knows how to deal with the hp printer model you currently have. There are many hp printer services out there, but which one is fit for your printer? Use the following questions to gauge your hp printer service:

1. What’s Your Service Range?

A quality printer service will have extra skills beyond the usual repair and maintenance tasks. They know how to thoroughly diagnose the source of your printer’s problem, fish out other potential problems and even offer an ongoing maintenance plan. They can also offer a hand with other machines in the office – fax machine and photocopier repairs and maintenance is part of their job description. Besides that, a pro company will offer cleaning services, the sale of new and second-hand machines as well as the supply of accessories and parts.

2. What’s Your Experience and Certification?

Ensure that your printer service has both experience and certification. If possible, you should work with a service that is specifically authorized to deal with hp printers services. They will provide individualized solutions since they know your model best. So, makes sure that you ask to see their hp certification to verify that they are indeed authorized. A service that has been doing business for a long period of time, specifically to do with hp printers, will guarantee you quality results. They have most likely handled a problem similar to yours.

3. Are You Quick and Reliable?

When your printer is not running, business is also not running as usual. It might actually mean bringing operations and hence productivity to a halt. Your repair service has to be quick and reliable. What’s their response time? Is it a 1 hour, same day or next day? And, what is the average time they take to complete a repair? Do they have access to parts? Time is money when it comes to business, so make sure that your service provider has everything it takes to complete the tasks within the shortest time possible.

4. What is Your Success Rate?

Considering the amount of time and money you’ve wasted with the broken printer, you want a service that can guarantee success in the first round. The first thing is to determine if they actually do repair hp printers. Have the technicians attained relevant training in repairing hp printers?  If yes, they will be able to complete the job quickly and do it thoroughly.  Check out Gom for more details.

When it comes to complicated printer problems, trust experts to solve it for you. There are a lot of hp service centers you can choose from that would fix issues with your printer in no time. You may visit http://gom.com.au/hp-printer-repair/ for more information on printer repairs and other related services to keep your printers in running condition.