Factors to Contemplate While Choosing a Pallet Rack System

Recently, a report got published regarding the people’s growing love for furniture with the unpolished finish along with a rustic look on it. You might get surprised to know that all such fancy furniture is being made by customizing the simple wooden pallets! In the earlier days, it was quite a bit problematic to store various types of products in the business of material handling. After the invention of special storage spaces like pallet racking Sydney firms provide, organizing and storing the products have become way too much easy in the different warehousing as well as manufacturing sectors.

Whether the stored products are in the finished or semi-finished state, with the effective help of this special type of storage space, anything can be stored in a secured way. With the growing demand for this pallet rack system, manufacturers are showing great interest in designing such storage systems having plenty of features and specifications. If you are looking for something like pallet racking in Sydney, here is the list of the factors you should contemplate while choosing.

Storage Density

Well, consider the size, weight, and quantity of the stock keeping unit (SKU) base. Different types of pallet rack systems are capable of carrying heavy, medium and light loads etc. and are available in the market depending on the requirements of different industries. For instance, if you want to store heavy loads, you might consider choosing something from the drive-in, double-deep, pallet flow, drive-through, push-back racking systems.

Rack Decking

While buying special storage space like pallet racking Sydney firms provide, you might consider purchasing supplementary rack components like pallet decking or support. These types of extra rack components are quite useful as they provide additional safety and protection to both the pallet rack systems and the stored products.

Aisle Widths

The aisle width can vary depending on the variations in application requirements. It can be with narrow aisle, wide aisle and even with an extra narrow aisle. Analyze and understand your requirements and choose accordingly while buying something like pallet racking Sydney firms provide. Moreover, before deciding which aisle width would be perfect for your application, contemplate the below-mentioned storage characteristics.

·        Load requirements

·        Type of the storage like high-density, temporary selective or long-term storage

·        Forklift truck fleet type that is being used


In order to select the most appropriate system such as Sydney pallet racking system, analyzing and understanding the inventory management type are crucial. In the case of inventory management of LIFO type, it is advisable to go with drive-in or push back racking systems. On the other hand, consider selecting pallet flow racking systems for a better result.

Seismic Zone

Before finalizing your decision on any particular system, it is advisable to identify the nature of the application environment. If the application environment does not belong to the risky earthquake zone, it is out of danger. Otherwise, such systems are available in the market that has specialized engineering along with high-quality materials to tackle with the earthquake-related risk factors.


In the material handling business, selecting the most feasible racking system is a bit crucial as many finished and semi-finished products are kept safely in the warehouses with the help of such racking systems. If you are trying to find pallet racking Sydney wide or something similar to it, you might consider visiting websites like http://www.skyrac.com.au/pallet-racking/ to get a better idea and to explore the wide range of available systems at a lucrative price.